ERC Inspiration Book – First edition

ERC Inspiration Book

First edition

Grasp the essence of the European Rover Challenge with the first edition of the Inspiration Book ever published. In this free publication, you will find many inspiring articles written by people associated with the ERC, among others: Dr. Anna Losiak (Polish Academy of Sciences), Dr. Gernot Groemer (Austrian Space Forum), M.A. Artemis Westenberg (Explore Mars Europe), Lukasz Wilczynski (European Space Foundation), and Dr. Krzysztof Walas (Poznan University of Technology). Moreover, it also gathers some of the best video presentations given by the ERC’21 guests and speakers, and gives a bit of insight on the competition from the ERC’21 contestants. You may experience the ERC on your own, once again! Download the ERC Inspiration Book


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ERC Inspiration Book

Included articles

Title Author
The ERC proves that in space, there is space for everyone Lukasz Wilczynski, European Space Foundation
How to be the Right Stuff M.A. Artemis Westenberg, Explore Mars Europe
Dreaming of Space Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, Polish Space Agency
Space is for everyone Chiara Chiesa, Interstellars
Space staff Maciej Iwankiewicz, European Space Foundation
Mars on Earth Dr. Anna Losiak, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
This is our generations’ journey Dr. Gernot Groemer, Austrian Space Forum
Space is not only about Star Trek Justyna Redelkiewicz, European Union Agency for the Space Programme
Why Space? Mayank, Celestial Space Technologies
Life on Mars Dr. Robert Zubrin, The Mars Society
Wherever robots go, the law follows Kamil Muzyka
Applications of rovers on Earth Dr. Krzysztof Walas, Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, Poznan University of Technology
Contestants about the ERC ERC 2021 teams
Summary Lukasz Wilczynski, European Space Foundation



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