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Become a volunteer at Europe’s largest space competition on a simulated Martian surface!

Become part of the most inspiring space robotics event!

None of the previous editions of the ERC Space and Robotics would have been such a great success without the involvement of our volunteers. We invite everyone who would like to join the group of organizers and get to know one of the largest robotics and space events in the world from behind the scenes. ERC volunteering is a unique opportunity to meet exceptional people, including competitors from around the world and special guests of the event. If you are interested in space, technology and science and you appreciate challenges and like teamwork, the ERC will be a great adventure and unforgettable experience for you.

Is it worth it?

“As a technology enthusiast, volunteering at such a futuristic event ERC was a great experience. Meeting special guests and working with a great team of volunteers was an unforgettable memory. The unifying power of this event where people from all over the world meet, impressed me.”
Ruya from Turkiye
“The atmosphere at ERC is full of passion and desire of self-improvement. Even though it’s a competition, during my experience as a volunteer I could see anything but the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences between members of different teams. I guess that’s what happens when excellent students and engineers from all around the world meet!”
Martiño from Spain
“Taking part in the ERC has proven to be a very valuable experience for our team and our whole organisation. Since all tasks are designed in a way that allows for complex design descisions, many approaches can be taken to succeed. With this in mind and the unique Mars-area designed for each competition, the ERC becomes a project that really makes you feel that you are part of a Mars-mission.”
Lucas from Germany

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ERC Volunteers Coordinator

ERC adventure includes:

Paid accommodation, onboarding, insurance, event shirts, ERC gadgets, ERC volunteering certificate. The registration opens in Q2/Q3, so be sure to check back here when it’s on!