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Space is our future

Space industry directly influences the future of our daily lives here on Earth. Commercial ventures, satellite technology, and space tourism are burgeoning, fostering job creation and economic stability. Moreover, the integration of AI and robotics has revolutionized space exploration. As we invest, we pave the way for sustainable innovations, renewable energy, and groundbreaking discoveries. Let us seize this opportunity together at the European Rover Challenge.

What's the ERC?

The European Rover Challenge is a renowned international planetary robotics competition organized by the European Space Foundation, that provides a valuable opportunity for students looking to advance their careers in industries vital to future generations. Students from technical universities around the world form teams and design unique robots. After few months of hard work their concepts are validated by space sector professionals. When qualified to the finals, teams further test their prototypes on a geologically realistic Martian terrain in numerous demanding tasks based on real NASA and ESA missions.

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Support special anniversary edition of the ERC and gain multiple benefits and exclusive opportunities for your brand!

Get involved in an event that tackles multiple EU priorities such as: inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, strengthening the youth employability, equal access & transition to the labour market, and much more! Reach your brand’s CSR objectives and make a measurable difference.

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Stand out as a brand that supports the most inspiring and dynamically developing sector that looks beyond our planet. Support young innovators and become a part of their journey to success.

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Explore new technologies and solutions in partnership with international student innovators, prosperous start-ups and academia! Network with hundreds of scientists, engineers, and companies at the ERC.

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