During ERC, leading experts, astronauts, and visionaries converge to explore the cosmos and its impact on our past, present, and future. Whether you’re passionate about space exploration, sustainability, or the applications of space technologies on Earth, this conference & livestream offer a unique opportunity to be part of the conversation shaping the future of space exploration.
Each day of the ERC Conference is crafted with a specific theme, providing a comprehensive and insightful exploration of space, from reaching Mars to the practical applications of space technologies here on Earth. The event’s program includes interdisciplinary debates on the future of human settlement on the Moon and Mars, projects and missions to the Silver Globe being developed by NASA and ESA in the coming years, as well as important topics related to sustainability & commercialization.

What to expect?

Day one will be dedicated to exploring potential ideas for a Martian city, addressing the challenges of habitation on Mars, and envisioning the future of Mars exploration.
The emphasis of the second day will be on Lunar exploration, addressing the challenges of living in space and fostering global collaboration for Moon missions.
The ERC’s third day will focus on propelling Earth’s sustainable development, understanding the intersection of space technologies with business and everyday life, and underscoring the significance of satellite technologies.

Debates, presentations & lectures

The ERC brings together leading experts, astronauts, and visionaries to discuss and explore various aspects of space exploration and its broader impact. The conference’s value lies in its ability to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on the exciting and rapidly evolving field of space exploration.   In previous years, the ERC has hosted speakers such as Robert Cabana – NASA Associate Administrator, Steve Jurczyk – former NASA Associate Administrator, Robert Zubrin – founder of The Mars Society, Harrison Schmitt – geologist, NASA astronaut and member of the last mission to the Moon in 1972 – Apollo 17, and Tim Peake – European Space Agency astronaut.
ERC Founder
In previous years, we have hosted, among others, Harrison Schmitt, a NASA astronaut and member of the last mission to the Moon, and Tim Peake, an astronaut of the European Space Agency. These are true legends, so we are not surprised that meetings with them are always very popular and abound with many questions from the audience.

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Speaker lineup

Each year, we bring together top-notch experts, industry leaders, astronauts and scientists from across the globe, and provide a platform for university students, space enthusiasts, and potential employees in the space sector to share knowledge. Who will you have a chance to meet at the ERC this year?
Speaker lineup will be available soon!

3-day livestream

Don’t miss out on the live online coverage of the ERC conference, catering to a global audience over three insightful days of discussions, presentations, and lectures. Follow the ERC robotics competition finals on the Marsyard and enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of the exhibitor zone and the grand finale! Engage in expert discussions, gain valuable insights, and cheer for your country’s representation in the competition.

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Map & Directions

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