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Why space? – Mayank

Monday, January 24, 2022

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Article by Mayank,
Space Engineer and Entrepreneur, Celestial Space Technologies

Space, because Space is where you live. Space encircles us all, and it also encircles what we do. As one small part of this universe, we are all full of Space. Space is very unique, very different from other fields of expertise. It is a beautiful blend of philosophy, imagination, and poetry fused with logic, science, and technology. In this field, you get ‘Space’ to breathe because Space gives you the opportunity to be creative and imagine what could be out there in a vacuum, on planets, inside planets, and other galaxies. Furthermore, it invites you to use your logic, technology and develop systems and machines to investigate and validate your imagination. Space offers you the possibility of knowing your origin and understanding your role in this vast existence.

From a career point of view also, Space is very interesting. Due to privatization, many countries and organizations have recently opened their doors for space missions and space exploration activities. There are many opportunities to build a successful career as a scientist, engineer, physicist, and much more. Many technologies, from vehicle tires to air conditioners, are a spin-out of space technologies. Space is not just limited to technology and systems but can also help us understand global phenomena such as global warming and mitigate them. You can build rovers and mine planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies to uplift the living standards of common people on Earth. You can indeed serve humanity like from no other field.

If you don’t know how to start let me give you a tip: Start from your room, read books, watch and learn from documentaries and find your passion in this big universe. Once you have found something to dedicate your life to, start developing small projects, participate in events such as #ERC, #IGLUNA, etc., connect with young explorers like yourself, and build your own family of like-minded people.


Space is not easy, but it will not disappoint you.

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