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World’s largest active Martian volcano on ERC2021’s MarsYard!

This year’s edition is unique for us in many ways. For the first time, our teams will compete in two formulas: ON-SITE and REMOTE.  
Anna ŁosiakMarsyard designer and Main Judge of the SCIENCE competitionhas prepared a fantastic surprise for you. A fragment of the Red Planet called Elysium Planitia will inspire this year’s track. It will be the only installation of its kind in the world, in which many years of Mars’ geological history will be mapped. Elysium Planitia is a remarkable terrain becausethanks to the latest research, we can say that it was there where volcanoes erupted a few million years ago 

To reflect as much as possible of the unique character of this place – during the 7th edition of the ERC, the audience will have the opportunity to see the eruption of such a volcano with their own eyes.

Starting on 10. September 2021, in Kielce University of Technology the world’s largest active Martian volcano will be built.  

If you want to learn more about the construction of this year’s Marsyard, we invite you to participate in the conference “Workshop on Terrestrial Analogs for Planetary Exploration.”  The program of the event can be found here. 


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