The Inspiration Zone is a place where everyone, regardless of age and space passion will find something for themselves. The ERC audience will not only experience amazing projects prepared by the robotics competition participants, but also see speakers and inventions from around the world, as well as an endless number of demonstrations, attractions and scientific experiments. On the main stage of the event, the attendees will see foremost inspiring presentations that will take them to the farthest corners of the universe but also various debates, in which experts from the industry related to the exploration of extraterrestrial space will share their work with the audience.

Guided by the motto “we inspire a new generation” we bring space and the growing role of modern technologies in our lives closer to the general public. We want our viewers to leave the ERC not only equipped with knowledge, but also inspired to action.

"The best thing a human can do is to help another human being know more" – Charlie Munger

The Inspiration Zone brings together not only the best rover constructors worldwide. Every year, world-class specialists, industry leaders and scientists gather here. Among them are astronauts, experts of the largest technology companies, leaders of space agencies and researchers from universities around the world. The ERC creates a platform of knowledge exchange for university students, space enthusiasts and potential employees of the space sector.

Therefore, the event’s programme includes interdisciplinary debates on the future of human settlement on the Red Planet, the survival of the first astronauts in the lunar bases announced by NASA or ESA, as well as important topics related to the commercialization and use of space technologies on Earth.

In previous years, the ERC has hosted speakers such as Robert Cabana – NASA Associate Administrator, Steve Jurczyk – former NASA Associate Administrator, Robert Zubrin – founder of The Mars Society, Harrison Schmitt – geologist, NASA astronaut and member of the last mission to the Moon in 1972 – Apollo 17, and Tim Peake – European Space Agency astronaut.


Day 1 – MARS

Day 2 – MOON

Day 3 – EARTH

We want the extraordinary value that the ERC gives its participants to reach as wide audience as possible. That’s why our event is broadcasted on-line to viewers from all over the world. Online participants can, regardless of where they are, follow presentations and debates with space market experts and participate in dedicated workshops. Each day of the event has a leading theme:

DAY 1 – MARS – the issues raised by our experts on the first day of the ERC concern the future exploration of Mars, the challenges that await for future colonizers and the technologies necessary to send mankind to the Red Planet.

DAY 2 – MOON – space technology experts in the fields of: manned Moon missions, the exploration of the Silver Globe and its resources, and the use of our natural satellite as a launch platform for further exploration of our solar system and deep space.

DAY 3 – EARTH – the final day of the event is always dedicated to the exploration of the Earth, the use of space technologies to protect our planet and the use of satellite data for research in various scientific sectors. This day is also dedicated to space technologies in everyday life.