Occupy Mars: The Game

Sunday, August 28, 2022

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Pyramid Games – a long-time partner of the European Rover Challenge – is a computer game development studio founded in 2012. In previous editions of the ERC, during the e-tournament broadcast, viewers could get to know the game “Rover Mechanic Simulator” and compete for the opportunity to control a real rover on the Martian field in Kielce. This time, visitors will learn what “Occupy Mars: The Game” is. What’s more, the contestants who reach the podium will receive access codes to the latest game by Pyramid Games studio.




Occupy Mars is a hard-SF open-world game in which the player’s task is to survive in a harsh environment and enable the colonization of the red planet. In order to build a base you must first extract the right resources, then take care of getting water, food and balance the production and consumption of electricity accordingly. Learn how to survive on Mars! Have you ever dreamed of flying to Mars? We have always dreamed of it! There are many fascinating places to see on the Red Planet, many technologies to discover, but also many challenges!

Make sure you have enough water, oxygen, electricity and food to survive. Build greenhouses, oxygen tanks, fuel generators, and remember to properly lay pipes and cables. The conditions on Mars are harsh, as you will find out during the game. Sand and solar storms, meteor falls or rapid temperature drops will make survival much more difficult. Repair structures and components damaged by atmospheric phenomena using available tools. Learn the basics of surface assembly, soldering and the use of other tools needed to repair equipment.

Find the best place to build a city. Remember that it must be an area with good access to underground water resources and where there are not too many temperature drops during the night. Experience an open world with a realistic day and night cycle, overcome the challenges faced by real colonists. Build rows of solar panels and batteries for energy storage. Upgrade them to find the optimal way to power your colony.

At any time there could be an unexpected decompression due to an airlock malfunction or if something doesn’t go according to plan during your work. Some situations will require you to react quickly to avoid running out of air or losing food. Upgrade your vehicles in the garage, set up your workshop and modify your Rover. Modify hydraulic bits, control the HDS arm, search for valuable resources and create places to extract resources…but most importantly – have fun on Mars!

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