Join the group of partners of one of the largest space and robotics events in the world!

We invite you to cooperate in creating the most inspiring event combining the international competition of mobile robots with scientific and technological shows. The ERC Space and Robotics is one of the largest events of its kind in the world, placing it at the forefront of the global league of robotic competitions, the Rover Challenge Series. Following the slogan “We inspire a new generation”, we have been bringing the cosmos closer to the general public and emphasizing the growing role of modern technologies in our lives since 2014. It is an event with an established reputation gathering thousands of viewers every year, reported on by the most important media in Poland and present in the most important industry media in the world.

ERC is also an effective platform for marketing communication for brands managed by our Partners who co-create this event with us.

By participating in the ERC, your brand will appear in the communication space related to innovation, the latest technologies and science. Over the years, we have built an image of the event as a place to spread inspiration and new ideas, which we put at your disposal.

Become a partner of European Rover Challenge 2021!

Partnership with the ERC means:

  • wide-ranging promotion of the brand in various communication channels, both OFFLINE and ONLINE
  • access to an audience interested in new technologies and focused on contact with innovations
  • attention of Polish and foreign media
  • brand activity in online transmission from the ERC, carried out in one of the most popular science channels in Poland: ASTROFAZA
  • building effective business relationships

Our offer includes the following forms of cooperation:

  • Strategic partner – ERC co-organizer
  • ERC partner
  • ERC supporting partner
  • ERC media patron
  • Exhibitor in the show zone

If you are interested in cooperation or have an idea for a joint project under the ERC – please contact us.

We have extensive experience and resources to implement individual marketing projects and we are open to your suggestions in this area. 


We invite you to cooperation!