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Mars Yard from the perspective of Leo Rover

Do you remember the excitement we all felt when we saw the pictures of #Mars taken by #Perseverance? For sure you do. How about we tell you that we have a real video of Mars recorded by a rover? 🙆🏻‍♀️🛰
The masterminds behind our REMOTE formula – creators of the Leo Rover, have prepared a recap of the #ERC2021 using footage from the rover’s onboard cameras. 💪🏻
The material features statements by Szymon Dzwończyk – co-founder of the LEO Rover, who started his adventure with robots, among others, at our event. What’s more – Szymon was a part of the #SCORPIO team which won the first edition of the ERC back in 2014! 🚀
This is a real Martian dream! 🦾


How did Leo Rover turn into a competition robot? 🦾
Take a look at Leo Rover’s website and read a great article on the evolution of Leo and the preparations to the ERC the team has performed.

The article describes the effort put into the competition, introduces the design’s technical challenges, and reveals the complexity of such a project.

You can read the full article here:

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