Join the ERC Show Zone, visited every year by tens of thousands of viewers!

An important part of the ERC Space and Robotics Event, which distinguishes this project from other events of this type organized around the world, is the Science and Technology Show Zone as a staple in the program, accessible to the general public. We are visited by viewers of almost all ages, and most of them are people interested in astronomy, new technologies and science. Families with children are a large group of visitors to the Show Zone, so we make sure that there are also many attractions for the little ones.

Guided by the slogan “we inspire a new generation”, we have been bringing the cosmos closer to the general public and making people aware of the growing role of modern technologies in our lives for six years now. An integral part of this process are shows, workshops and presentations prepared by our exhibitors.

Become an ERC Space and Robotics Event exhibitor

By co-creating the ERC Science and Technology Show Zone, you gain:

  • a unique opportunity to present the company and projects in the form of interactive shows, experiments carried out in front of viewers (or with their active participation), workshops for children, adolescents and whole families, as well as other activities involving the audience
  • our promotion of exhibitors and events taking place in the Show Zone

Exhibitors at the ERC Space and Robotics Event may be:

  • companies
  • institutions
  • universities and research clubs
  • non-profit organizations
  • all entities implementing projects in the field of new technologies, robotics, automation,
  • virtual reality, engineering, STEM and STEAM.

The previous editions of the event have been a huge success. The three-day ERC attracts approximately 35,000 viewers and the largest Polish media each time, and thanks to online broadcasting, it also reaches audiences outside Poland. Information about the event has been published so far in nearly 5,000 publications.

In order to apply for participation in the Show Zone, please fill in the following documents in a legible and complete manner and send them by e-mail in the form of scans with signatures and stamps to the following address:

We invite you to work with us!