Affiliation Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
Country India
Rover name Mandakini
On-site status Registered
On-site members 26
Social media Instagram   LinkedIn   Github  

Team MARS is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic students that actively want to compete in various robotics contests. It is now our second time competing in a rover competition. Our initial effort took place in IRC 2022-2023, where we developed the first iteration of our rover “Mandakini.” A team of ten people worked together to develop and manufacture our first rover from the ground up. Our efforts earned us the title of “Emerging Team of the Year, IRC’23,” and we finished sixth overall.

We learned from our faults and weaknesses at the tournament after our initial effort. Besides technical knowledge, it taught us many moral lessons, the most significant being teamwork. We are now collaboratively active in building a robotics community in our campus by organising workshops and competitions . With more people working on the rover, we hope to do well in ERC’23 with our second generation rover.

We currently have no sponsors apart from our college as it was first time building a rover, we aim to have sponsors before ERC’23.


The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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