Affiliation Lodz University of Technology, Poland, Politechnika Łódzka
Country Poland
Rover name Raptor
On-site status Registered
On-site members 55
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We, the students of the Lodz University of Technology.
We are united by robots – their design and construction.
Within the Team we work in six main sections: Mechanics, Electronics & low-level Programmers, High-level Programmers, UAV group (creating drones), Science, Marketing.


If it comes to people we prioritize the willingness to work and develop. People, who join us can get astute along the way, whilish people who leave (almost always very reluctantly) share their knowledge and experience with others.


If it comes to our modular rover, for years it has been participating and winning various competitions and events from around the world. But it’s not everything. Out Team has broad aspiration. Thus recently our work also includes flying robots.


Thanks to the synergy of robot technology in the air and robots operating on land, we achieve ever higher efficiency of operations. Our activities are continuous development and taking up new challenges. We are constantly working on solutions that will allow us to participate and win in the next, this year’s competition.


Our exemplary successes are:
ERL Emergency 2022 (Poland) – 1st
Robot World Summit 2021 (Japan) – 3rd
MBZIRC 2020 (UAE) – 6th
ERL Emergency 2019 (Spain) – 2nd
University Rover Challenge 2018 (USA) – 4th


The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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