Affiliation Alexandria University / جامعة الإسكندرية
Country Egypt
Remote status Registered
Remote members 18
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A gathering of passionate engineering students at faculty of engineering Alexandria university whom dedicated their knowledge to prepare engineering students to embrace the engineering field in Egypt.
Under the slogan of “ultimate innovation” we use the integration between engineering departments to keep up and engage the robotics industry and innovations in Egypt and the world.
the team first creation was after the gathering of the eldest generation under the sack of knowledge and science and their desire to apply theoretical science by self-leaning. So, their first contributions were in UGVC 2016 competition and they were awarded the third place internationally. the achievements consequently continued, as they had effective contributions in many competitions as ERC 2022, minesweeper 2022. Finally, awarded the third place internationally UGVC 2022 competition.


Affiliation Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering, جامعة الاسكندرية كلية الهندسة.
Country Egypt
Remote status Qualified (Qualification B)
Remote members 9
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Mind Cloud Robotics Team is the first and only technical team in Faulty of Engineering Alexandria University specialized in unmanned ground vehicles generally and space robotics especially.


Our first adventure has begun since 2016. A gathering of young engineers have decided to challenge themselves with enthusiasm and determination to win and participated in unmanned ground vehicles competition. After winning, they sought to gain more experience and achieve more victories.


Over the past years, Mind Cloud ‘ve participated in many competitions locally and internationally: UGVC, ERC, URC, IRC, and Minesweepers. Mind Cloud has proven that it is sticking to its lofty goal with constant progress and remarkable victories.


Mind’s achievements through last years :
1. The best innovation and creativity in Minesweeper 2022.
2. Third place at UGVC in 2021 and Innovation and Creativity Award in the field of robotics.
3. Fourth Place at UGVC in 2019.
4. Third Place at Egypt local Minesweeper Competition in 2018.
5. Fourth Place internationally at Minesweeper Competition in Madrid, Spain in 2018.
6. Third Place at UGVC in 2017.
7. Fourth Place at IRC in 2017.
8. Third Place at UGVC in 2016.



Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
Country Egypt
Rover name Red Dwarf
On-site status On-site
On-site members 18–22
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The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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