Affiliation Imperial College London
Country United Kingdom
Rover name Harbinger
On-site status Qualified
On-site recognitions Best Presentation Special Award
On-site members 8
Social media Instagram   LinkedIn  
Website Link

The mission of the Imperial Planetary Robotics Lab is to create a voluntary student-led research laboratory which focuses on planetary exploration. This is because we have found there are many passionate students who would like to contribute to the field, but our university lacks research on exploration vehicles.

As such, the European Rover Challenge is our first milestone, with which we aim to gain visibility and contacts with other teams, gain experience and attract sponsors. The ERC provides us already with a large requirement base and a verification method (being the on-site finals) and most importantly, a family of other rover teams! Last year we met a ton of amazing people at the European Rover Challenge (when we attended as volunteers) so we want to continue the adventure!

Currently, we are supported by the Imperial College Space Society, Imperial College Robotics Society and Valispace and are actively seeking sponsors!


The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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