Affiliation Tohoku University (東北大学), Keio University (慶応義塾大学), Waseda University (早稲田大学), Meiji University(明治大学), Tokyo University of Science (東京理科大学), Nihon University (日本大学), University of Tsukuba(筑波大学)
Country Japan
Rover name ARES 5
On-site status Registered
On-site members 19
Social media Twitter   YouTube  
Website Link

ARES Project is a Japanese team which consists of 30 university students from Tohoku University, Keio University, University of Tokyo, and so on. Tohoku group mainly develops the rover body, while Tokyo group develops the arm. The science team consists of both members. Since no rover competition like URC is held in Japan, we had neither the knowledge nor the technology when our project was started. However, as motivated members who found this team have led the members, we were able to reach the level described in this “Proposal” in just one year. Our final goal is to involve people outside the space field and to promote the wonder of manufacturing.

Currently the official sponsors are as follows.
・YAMAZAKI MAZAK CORPORATION (Providing machining of parts Providing machining of parts)
・Koki Holdings Co. (Provision of tools)
・MISUMI Group Inc. (Providing parts)
・MABUCHI MOTOR CO. (Providing Motors)
・Tohoku University (Financial assistance, provided by the processing site) and so on.


The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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