Affiliation Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
Country Italia
Remote status Registered
Remote members 15
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The Alma-X team is a talented group of undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Bologna, Italy, who have joined forces to design and build a functional rover for the European Rover Challenge. This highly regarded international event challenges teams to create innovative robotic systems for various applications, including space exploration.

Comprised of students from diverse academic backgrounds, such as mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, and more, the Alma-X team works closely together to design and fabricate the rover’s hardware and software. They also develop the rover’s scientific mission planning, thanks to the help of the geology group.

Thanks to their dedication and expertise, the Alma-X team has achieved remarkable results in past editions of the European Rover Challenge, and they are continually searching for new ways to push the limits of rover technology. With their passion, innovation, and collaborative spirit, the Alma-X team is sure to make a significant impact in the field of robotics and beyond.



Affiliation Università degli Studi di Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum
Country Italy
On-site status Not qualified (19.5/80pts)
On-site members 25
Remote status Qualified (Qualification B)
Remote members 25
Social media Facebook   Instagram   LinkedIn   YouTube  
Website Link

We’re a team from Università di Bologna, sharing the view of our university of being widespread over the Region’s territory by having multiple divisions collaborating from 3 different campuses. We obtained amazing results in a short time in the Remote competition formula; this served as a great motivation for us to into the realization of our own rover to join the On-Site competition too.


Affiliation UNIBO – University of Bologna
Country Indie
On-site status Remote
On-site members 20
The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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