Affiliation Hindustan Institute of Technology And Science
Country India
Remote status Not qualified (Registered)
Remote members 22
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An inspiring group of 22 radical personalities, Team ADVAIT is a dynamic team from the Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai, India. Team composition is crucial for the overall success and that is why each member of our team was carefully recruited from various domains of engineering, including Aerospace, Mechatronics, and Aeronautical by our respected coordinator, Mr. Dinesh Kumar G. Together, these spheres play a vital role in planetary exploration. Space and other celestial bodies behold a lot of danger, where human accessibility is very treacherous. Here is where our project comes into the picture. We are trying to show a better and more economical way for Mars exploration by bringing the more viable design of a rover.


We aspire to bring forth innovative solutions to traverse the Martian crust, touching preciously unexplored spaces and objects in the infinite universe and making our country proud. Our combined interests and curiosity which lies in the different spectrum of space and planetary surface exploration, astrobiology, robotics, and possibilities of the existence of extraterrestrial life, etc., brought us together in carrying forth this venture. We hope this project will be an important milestone in exploring our maximum potential.


The ERC database includes all team records since 2021.

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