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Affiliation Concordia University
Country Canada
Rover name B.E.E.P.
Formula On-site
Status Qualified (62/80pts)
Number of members 30
Social media Facebook  
Website http://www.spaceconcordia.ca/en/division/robotics/

Our division was founded in 2012. It started as final capstone project at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and then the project evolved to become a competition-based team. We are dedicated to developing a Mars rover as this kind of project combines our passion for space exploration with our love for robotics. Over the years, we have focused on different parts of the rover, from the multipurpose arm, to the mobile platform, to onboard science experiments, finally culminating in our current rover iteration: BEEP (Beep Explores Extraterrestrial Planets). The rover is designed to compete at international competitions, including the University Rover Challenge (URC), and the European Rover Challenge (ERC). Our rover is designed to perform at both of these competitions and meet their various requirements.



Affiliation Concordia University
Country Canada
Formula Remote
Number of members 9

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