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Next Generation: Rover – read a free E-book!

One of the promotional campaigns accompanying the fifth edition of ERC was the Next Generation: Rover competition conducted on Facebook by the organizers of the European Rover Challenge in cooperation with space and science influencers, particularly: Karol Wójcicki, PhD Tomasz Rożek and Piotr ‘Kosa’ Kosek from Astrofaza channel. Their Facebook followers were asked to come up with an idea for a future application of the next generation of rovers in one of three places: Earth, Mars or the Moon. Today we invite You to read a free e-book which was created with the use of the winning comments.

Below you can read a free e-book Next Generation: Rover which we have created together with experts working in the space sector and members of the Facebook community.


You can also download this publication to your computer.

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