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Meet Team DIANA from Italy

How to handle a critical problem in your rover design? What to expect when you come to the ERC? How to maintain a team spirit when things don’t go as planned? Watch the video interview with Leonardo Maria Festa – a Team Diana representative we had the priviledge to talk to and learn more about their team & experience!

The team behind Italy’s participation in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition shares their journey from the development of their first rover, Amalia, to their current project, Ardito. This team of aerospace and computer science engineers, along with other technical professionals, has faced numerous challenges and overcome criticalities throughout the years, always pushing the limits of what’s possible. Watch the video to learn more about their experiences, their team structure, and their approach to redesigning critical parts to improve their rover’s performance. Plus, get a glimpse of their participation in the European Rover Challenge. Don’t miss this inspiring story of perseverance and innovation in the pursuit of space exploration.

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