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Affiliation Konya Technical University - Konya Teknik Üniversitesi
Country Turkey
Rover name Luminous
Formula On-site, Remote
Status O: Not qualified (58/80pts), R: Not qualified (Registered)
Number of members O: 26, R: 26
Social media Instagram  


Kapsul Rover Team was established in Konya Technical University in 2019 under the name of MUGET Rover Team. The team, which changed its name in 2022, continues its work on the Kapsul Technology Development Platform. Actively composed of 26 team members, the team consists of 5 sub-teams. These are software, electronics, mechanics, science, and organization teams. Each team has a team leader. The team leader checks the work of the team members.



Kapsul Rover Team was first established under the name of Muget Rover Team in 2019 by Muget Group’s R&D department at Konya Technical University. The Kapsul Rover team is the continuation of the Muget Rover Team. The team of 26 people is divided into 5 sub-teams: Software, Mechanics, Electrical, Science and Organization. Each sub-team has a leader. All sub teams work under the supervision and control of the team captain. The team’s unit leaders have been operating for over 2 years; Software unit leader Ömer Faruk Y. has been involved in Rover’s autonomous and manual driving, creation of ROS nodes and designing the software system for 3 years. Electronics unit leader İbrahim G. has been responsible for the drive system and battery management system of Rover for 3 years. Mechanical unit leader Ahmet Faruk K. has been working on mechanical drive system and robot arm for about 2 years. He also works with various academics from universities on fluorescence microscopy and Raman spectrometry for science labs. Apart from these, he is also engaged in model rocketry and has rocket launch experience in the Teknofest rocket competition. Science team unit leader Büşra G.; For 2 years, she has been involved in preparing a science-oriented exploration plan on Mars Yard by selecting the region, collecting samples from the selected region and applying the analysis methods determined on these samples so that the rover can make a safe landing and support the hypotheses. Organization unit leader Eda T. has been involved in the creation of the necessary content for community promotion for 2 years. Team members consist of undergraduate and graduate students who have taken part in many projects before. Members have participated and been successful in national and international competitions. Some of these achievements are; While some of the team members won first place in Teknofest (Aviation, Space and Technology Festival) and Rocket competition (2018) held in Turkey every year, some members worked in the autonomous combat aircraft category for Teknofest (2019). Esin U. and Serhat A., who are in the software team of the team, participated in the ERC competition in their previous teams and were entitled to go to Poland last year. Since these successful names were included in the team, the dynamism and experience of the team increased. As a result, we would like to participate in ERC 2022 due to our interest in space studies and our experience in unmanned (autonomous) vehicles.


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