An important part of the European Rover Challenge, which distinguishes this project from other events of this type organized around the world, is a science and technology show zone, accessible to the general public. We are visited by viewers of almost all ages, and most of them are people interested in astronomy, new technologies and science. Families with children are a large group of visitors to the Exhibitors Zone, so we make sure that there are also many attractions for the little ones.

Guided by the slogan “we inspire a new generation”, we have been bringing the cosmos closer to the general public and making people aware of the growing role of modern technologies in our lives for seven years now. An integral part of this process are shows, workshops and presentations prepared by our exhibitors.



MAB Robotics is a start-up responding to the needs of inspection and service work inside underground installations such as heating networks and water and sewage channels. Its team is developing small-sized four-legged robots that will serve as universal support platforms for sensors and tools. The company has a wide range of robotic components available in the online store, and provides design and consulting services in the field of mobile robotics research and development. MAB Robotics will present their robots in ERC Exhibitors Zone.

Kielce University of Technology

Kielce University of Technology is a modern university offering education in 21 fields of study and over 60 specializations. Students as well as research and teaching staff can use over 130 well-equipped laboratories, the unique Centre for Laser Metal Technologies for conducting research in the field of laser and plasma technologies, the CENWIS Scientific and Implementation Centre, a library, a new educational and sports hall, a multifunctional athletics stadium and six dormitories. For many years the Kielce University of Technology has been focusing on cooperation with industry and economic environment institutions. Good contacts with the business community make university graduates willingly employed by employers. At its stand, the Kielce University of Technology will present projects and initiatives created at its various faculties, bringing science closer to the public in an inspiring way.

Digital Dialog

Digital Dialog is an association operating in the field of digital education (learning programming, robotics, security), STEAM – related to an innovative design approach and competences of the future. It supports schools, teachers, parents, educators and children. The Digital Dialogue carries out nationwide projects related to increasing the level of digital competences (Zaprogramuj Przyszłość, Centrum Championship IT, Kindloteka STEM), conduct trainings and webinars, and create educational materials. At the stand of the Dialogue Center, you will be able to view and join the creation of mini-STEAM and robotic projects related to Mars, the Moon and the Earth on individual days. The Association will invite all visitors to play and show them how to easily make experiments and various machines from easily accessible elements. Keeping in mind also the ecological aspect - part of the activity will concern the responsible use of resources and supporting biodiversity. The implementation of each activity will be combined with a conversation on the mechanics of various devices and phenomena occurring in the world around us. The universal nature of the activities proposed by the Dialogue Center let audiences of all ages find something interesting at their stand.

Oprogramowanie Naukowo-Techniczne Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. – Distributor of the MathWorks, Inc. software in Poland

Oprogramowanie Naukowo-Techniczne Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. is the exclusive Polish distributor of MathWorks products – the provider of MATLAB and Simulink software used by engineers all over the world. Company grants software licenses, organizes trainings for engineers and scientific-technical events. MATLAB is a programming environment designed for algorithm development as well as data visualisation and analysis. It also enables performing numerical calculations. Thanks to MATLAB, problems can be solved faster than using such programming languages as C, C ++ or Fortran. What’s more, the software can have many uses. It will be demonstrated at the company’s stand in the Exhibitors’ Zone. ONT experts have also prepared many interactive attractions and online workshops.

Polish Space Agency

The Polish Space Agency (POLSA) is an executive agency of the Ministry of Development and Technology, established in 2014. Its mission is to support the Polish space industry by implementing the priorities of the Polish Space Strategy. POLSA cooperates with international agencies and state administration in the field of space research and use of outer space. Agency is responsible for the promotion of the Polish space sector in Poland and abroad. POLSA conducts also activities related to information and education on the use of satellite technologies (including navigation, observation and communication) in the economy, administration and everyday life. At the POLSA stand, you will be able to learn more about the Agency's activities and the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Poland’s accession to ESA. Take part in shows and experiments popularizing knowledge about space, see interesting animations and learn about the activities of student clubs cooperating with the Polish Space Agency. POLSA representatives will take part also in debates and the work of the ERC competition jury.

LYO FOOD Sp. z o.o.

LYO FOOD is a Polish brand that produces freeze-dried food. Lyophilizates are foods from which water is removed during the sublimation process. Thanks to this, the food is much lighter, while maintaining 99% of the nutritional value, taste and natural appearance. The freeze-dried food is used primarily by travelers and athletes. However, it will also be perfect for any long hike, camping trip or space flight! The quality of LYO FOOD products has been repeatedly confirmed by prizes and awards. LYO FOOD will run a “bistro” in the ERC Exhibitors Zone in cooperation with the Polish Space Agency, where visitors will have the opportunity to try and buy their lyophilized dishes, and additional space-related products (e.g. from hydroponics cultivations).

Albatros Team

Albatros has been established by a group of high school students from Istanbul, in 2020. The team has been developing projects since their establishment, participating in technological activities and competitions, as well as training interested students. Their aim is to develop projects and perform R&D studies. Albatros Team will participate in the ERC Exhibitors Zone displaying their products, informing about their completed and ongoing projects, their R&D studies and they will perform a workshop for kids.

The European Fairy Tale Centre in Pacanów

The Fairy Tale Center combines cultural education with entertainment and fun. The Fairy-tale World waits there for children - a magical land that combines an extraordinary museum with an interactive exhibition. There you can see a real pea that kept the princess awake, freckles from the Academy of Mr. Kleks, take a ride on a train that goes into space, meet the Little Prince and experience the attack of sea monsters. After the fairy-tale journey, visitors are invited to the Small Theater, where they can take part in puppet shows, and in the end of it learn the history of the theater and details of the playing with puppets technique. Children and adults can play the role of an actor-puppeteer and develop their imagination and creativity. The way of telling and guiding viewers through the land of fairy tales is adopted to the age of visitors, so not only children, but also parents benefit from visiting the Fairy Tale Center. The facility also has a modern 3D cinema and a bookstore. At the Fairy Tale Center various workshops are also held, and in spring and summer season a great family picnics can be organized in the local garden. At its stand the Tale Centre will conduct safe experiments with warm nitrogen and demonstrations entitled “How it Works” thanks to which visitors will be able to expand their knowledge of physics, optics, electricity and stimulate your creativity and imagination.


Since its establishment, PWN has been a reliable and trustworthy source of knowledge. Its vision is to deliver for everyone tools for learning in the best possible way. For this purpose, the Publishing House carefully observes the changes taking place in the world of science, education and business, and the knowledge obtained in this way uses in its endeavors. PWN constantly develops new areas of activity, creates a variety of innovative educational solutions and - thanks to its products and services - supports its recipients in education, deepening knowledge and improving skills. At the PWN stand visitors will be able to buy many interesting, inspiring books.

Maria Kunic Astronomy Association

The goal of the Maria Kunic Astronomy Association is to educate and popularise astronomy and astronautics among children, adolescents and adults, to spread knowledge about space, research and achievements in its conquest, and to popularise the scientific achievements and the figure of one of the world’s greatest astronomers, Maria Kunic. The Association runs the Maria Kunic Astronomy and Astronautic Education Centre in Cieszęcin based on the RT13 radio telescope, sharing its observation data online with everyone interested. At the Association’s stand visitors will be able to learn more about Maria Kunic’s extraordinary scientific discoveries, see her work “Urania propitia” as well as put on an astronaut's suit and make photo with the background of Mars map or with Maria Kunic’s portrait. There will be also a presentation of the book "Maria Kunic - Cosmic Girl".

Rzeszów IT Group

The Rzeszów IT Group brings together the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Science Club and the “ROBO” Automation and Robotics Specialists Science Club operating at the Rzeszów University of Technology. The Group’s activity focuses mainly on constructing robots and designing printed circuit boards with particular use of RFID. Robots created by members of the Rzeszów IT Group occupy high positions in international competitions. The Group also organises shows and exhibitions thematically related to its activities. The Rzeszów IT Group’s stand will present electronic constructions, including line follower robots and sumo robots as well as the unique Curiosity rover built from LEGO bricks in 1:4 scale and a special 3D printing zone.

Education Support Foundation of the Aviation Valley Association

The Education Support Foundation of the Aviation Valley Association has been established with a view to creating new development opportunities for children and adolescents by organising specially prepared, interactive classes and scientific demonstrations. Its main goal is to prove to young people that science does not have to be boring and can be very rewarding. The foundation’s mission is to develop their interests and encourage them to learn about the world so that the “adventure” with science will bring benefits in their future professional life. The foundation carries out its goals through such projects as free classes for children and teenagers as well as popular science events. RoboLAB is a new, unique project of the Education Support Foundation at the Aviation Valley Association addressed to students of secondary schools in Podkarpacie, and in the near future also to students from other regions. The participants of the project will construct robots and take part in international competitions. The strategic partner of the project is Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów, and the main partners - Podkarpackie Voivodeship and Rzeszów University of Technology. The foundation’s stand will present the world of modern technologies, virtual reality and aviation.


Skriware S.A. is a Polish company operating in the EdTech industry. Its flagship product is the SkriLab educational laboratory based on 3D printing, robotics and programming, using the STEAM teaching method. SkriLab is a solution supporting teachers in engaging students with the subject of classes. Thanks to the platform dedicated to educators, they can easily use modern technologies during lessons: mathematics, nature, physics, geography, biology, chemistry, technology, computer science, as well as in early school education. SkriLab helps children develop the skills required on the labor market in the 21st century, such as: critical thinking, creativity, project work, team work and, of course, familiarity with modern technologies. With SkriLab, including educational robots, construction kits, designing own models using modern programming tools and 3D printing, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the company’s stand.


Where can I find more information about the agenda?

The regularly updated, detailed information about the agenda – the Inspiration Zone, competitions and workshops – will be available in the VISITORS and ABOUT THE ERC -> INSPIRATION ZONE tabs on our website. We also invite you to follow the ERC profiles on social media.

How can I participate in the event?

Basically, you can participate in two ways: on-site and online. If you come to Kielce (Poland), you will be able to see experiments, interactive shows and presentations prepared by our exhibitors as well as take part in mini workshops. You will be also able to see the Mars Yard up close, spectate the competition and listen to debates in the main hall. If you can't come to Poland, you can watch the livestream on our website to follow the competition progress, listen to passionate debates and presentations of our speakers. The livestream will be provided exclusively in English.

Is the admission to the event free?

Yes! Participation in all attractions, livestreams, shows, lectures, workshops and debates are free of charge. You can use cash though to buy gadgets, posters or books at the on-site exhibitors’ stands.