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ERC is something more than just a Mars robots competition. For years now the organisers’ mission has been to promote knowledge about space exploration as well as achievements of Polish institutions and companies operating in this field. Therefore, every year the event is accompanied by a science and technology show zone, lectures and film screenings. 

Full list of exhibitors is available below the text.

The science and technology show zone will be operating alongside the Mars robots competition between 10:00 and 17:00. Admission to the entire event is free.

Science and technology show zone

It is more than 30 stands with workshops, shows and exhibitions both for younger as well as older visitors. They can also participate in 20 lectures and 7 film screenings.

At the stands visitors will be able to see, among others, robots’ sumo fights and holographic shows; try their hand at a drone precise landing; and test Mars rover’s capabilities. Exhibitors will present equipment used for constructing rockets and Mars rovers as well as for space simulations. They will also show innovative medical technologies and life saving systems.

Exhibitors have prepared lots of attractions that we especially recommend to youngest space enthusiasts.

Special shows for children will take place at the Laboratorium Wiktora (Wiktor’s Laboratory) stand where demonstrators, led by Wiktor Niedzicki, will be doing fantastic experiments. We will see such wonders as boiling water in a paper container, making colourful spots in milk, sucking an egg inside a bottle and making huge soap bubbles.

At the “Become an astronaut” stand prepared by the Austrian Space Forum children will by able to try on an astronaut suit. After completing fitness and science tasks they will receive a special diploma.

Electronics and Information Technology Students Association at the Rzeszow University of Technology will present a unique, the world’s only model of a Mars robot made completely from LEGO bricks (1:4 scale Curiosity rover).

Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers in Kielce will bring a professional solar telescope that can be used to see explosions, sunspots and faculae. At the stand an interactive show of making a “comet” using dry ice will also be organised. An interactive show of a medieval astronomical clock, which allows to see how the sky looked like on the date of our birth, will be an additional attraction.

In its dome-shape tent Halo Wiedza (Hello knowledge) Mobile Planetarium has prepared film screenings about astronomy that are watched while lying down. Note! The screenings in the Halo Wiedza Planetarium are not free of charge!

Workshops will be organised at some stands as well.

Members of the SKALP Association will show how to build a miniature rover, Wrospace Association will invite visitors to participate in the workshops on building mini rockets and mini stratospheric balloons including the capsule while the AeroSpace Students Association at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology will help visitors build a compressed air rocket from lagging and a bicycle pump.

Lectures and film screenings

Lectures and film screening will certainly be of more interest for older guests. During their lectures, experts from the space sector and space enthusiasts will share their knowledge. They will be talking about the history of unmanned missions to Mars, space telescopes used in ESA missions and the European Southern Observatory, which is a “land NASA.” They will tell everyone who is dreaming to become an astronaut how to start a career in the space sector and what it is all about.

Film screenings will alternate with lectures. Visitors will be able to watch films from the “Observatory – Poland in space” series devoted to the history of Polish contribution to space exploration, “Solar eclipse in Indonesia” documentary from an expedition to the Makassar Strait in the lane of total solar eclipse, a film reminiscence from ERC 2018 as well as fascinating films on astronomy.

ERC 2019 Exhibitors

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