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ERC Space and Robotics Event is a project that brings together interests of different entities – companies, institutions, organisations, colleges and institutes. Participation in the project and the ERC final gives unique opportunities connected with inspirations regarding innovative solutions in space technology, robotics, automatics, etc. What is more important, it also provides a great support in establishing international cooperation, finding employees with specific competencies involved in creative processes as well as promoting brands and companies. Past editions of ERC gave many companies a chance to establish important business contacts and start cooperation with different universities. They also allowed them to find and later hire most talented graduates from departments represented by students participating in the challenge. Cooperation connected with ERC is based on a partnership principle. We are open to any proposals and ideas that would allow our partners to complete their business and marketing tasks. On the other hand, universities can reach out for new academic challenges and innovative projects in cooperation with the industry as well as institutions operating in the space and robotics sector. We are looking forward to working with you!

Our offer addressed to Partners consists of a few main elements:

  • Networking – ERC is a place for business meetings as well as establishing cooperation between companies, decision-makers from public institutions and universities from all over the world.
  • Employer branding – ERC is a special platform of activities addressed to the best engineering staff in the space and robotics sector.
  • Brand promotion – ERC is a unique space for promoting companies that offer or look for solutions based on new technologies, including space and robotics technology.

More information about partnership in the ERC project, opportunities and benefits coming from cooperation can be found in the following files which can be downloaded.

Presentation with information for Partners:  DOWNLOAD

Table with benefits for Partners:  DOWNLOAD

If you would like to become an ERC Partner, please contact Łukasz Wilczyński:


Decision regarding the location of the ERC finals in a given year is made by the Project Merit Board and the Management Board at the European Space Foundation – the main organiser of the project. They consider organisational and logistical factors connected with, among others, necessity to build a course for mobile robots’ challenge (Mars Yard), having a place to organise a congress and meetings with ERC guests, organising a show zone as well as providing proper transport and accommodation facilities both for team members and guests. Thus, a co-organiser of ERC should have proper technical and financial means, be able to provide proper site (Mars Yard), offer a place to organise conferences and a show zone as well as to be actively involved in the organisation of the event. Offers for co-organising ERC are collected until October of the year preceding the event. Arrangements regarding the cooperation must end no later than in November due to the fact that technical and logistical conditions as well as time required for inviting university teams, guests, mentors and ERC jurors have to be included in the challenge regulations. Organisers also need to have enough time to obtain necessary permits connected with organisation of the event in specific legal and logistical conditions.

Entities interested in co-organising ERC in the following years are welcome to contact Łukasz Wilczyński: