Organizers of the European Rover Challenge are:


European Space Foundation’s mission is to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). ESF believes that their development contributes to building and developing innovative economy. ESF sees how space exploration stimulates human creativity and inventiveness. That is why ESF works where science, technology, engineering and medicine interface and crossover, particularly in the areas of space and effective visual communication. This helps European Space Foundation to extend the boundaries and create new opportunities. ESF effectively implements the ideas.

PR production and support:


Planet PR is the agency that deals with integrated communication, focused on the synergy of ideas, channels and actions

The agency consists of specialists with experience in managing leading brands in Poland and across the World – the team includes people who found their passion in new technology, modern communication, experience tourism, questing and molecular gastronomy markets.

Planet PR is the only Polish agency which belongs to GlobalCOM-PR Network  – the international network of independent agencies.