Piotr Weclewski
Currently working on simulation and testing systems for satellites and robotic platforms for AIRBUS Defence and Space. Passionate in space technologies, robotics and emerging technologies, especially those which one day can bring humans to colonise space. In recent research focused on navigation and cooperation of two Mars rovers examining soil properties in EU FP7 funded FASTER project. During studies, among many other activities, participated in several research projects on mobile robotics and NASA Lunabotics Mining Competitions 2013. Always open for ambitious cooperation.
Krzysztof Skocki
Robotics Engineer at Astri Polska sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland. Holds PhD in Geology (Geomorphology, Planetology) for the dissertation focused on Mars surface properties prepared on Polish Geological Institute with cooperation with Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, both Warsaw, Poland. Holds MSc in Environmental Protection, University of Warsaw, Poland; diploma prepared on Geography and Regional Studies Department (Remote Sensing of Environment Laboratory). For 15 years cooperating with research institutes in Poland in the field of satellite observation (Institute of Geodesy and Cartography), geomorphology (Faculty of Geography, University of Warsaw), planetology (Space Research Centre PAS), environmental protection, hydrobiology, GIS (Institute of Environmental Protection) and space technologies (Space Research Centre, PAS and Astri Polska). Additional projects in private sector, related to IT and electronic engineering. Current cooperation with NGO – support for developing countries in Asia and Africa (topic: crisis management, flood monitoring). Last professional activities related to the robotics and soil-sensor interaction for geotechnical terrain assessment in FP7 FASTER project.
marcin_stolarski Marcin Stolarski
As an employee of SRC PAS he’s building space satellites. He is one of the leaders in the first Polish scientific satellites project, called BRITE-PL. His hobby is to popularize science – he has his own popular-science channel on YouTube. As an organizer, he takes a part in such popularizing ventures as European competitions of Mars rovers (ERC), AstroBot, Haribo Bear Academy and the project Mr. Stanislaw, where together with high school students in Lebork, build a small satellite. In 2013 he was awarded in FameLab competition, and in 2014 became a science leading spokesman, proving his dissemination competence. In 2013 he was also the winner in The Ministry of Science and Higher Education competition – Top 500 Innovators. Then he went on a two-month studies “business and innovation” at the University of Berkeley, USA, to delve into the rules governing of the Silicon Valley. After return, he divides his time between work at SRC PAS, and his own company MSL, which leads to both space projects as well as projects closer to the people, such as BikeMic, which is set to revolutionize the cycling world. Despite a demanding schedule he is a frequent guest on television and radio, where he talks passionately about the construction of the world around us and complex rules that govern the forces of nature.
Maciej_Kalarus Maciej Kalarus
Scope of interest / activity:
•improvement of Galileo performance within ESA European GNSS Evolution Programme
•inertial navigation systems, IMU data processing, GNSS-INS integration, indoor navigation
•digital signal processing, data modelling and prediction algorithms
Agata Wielgosz
I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography. Currently I’m PhD student of Space Research Centre PAS. I’m working on determination of Earth orientation parameters and stations coordinates from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) observations and Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI).
Maciej Urbanowicz
Maciej has been working on space industry development in Poland for last 8 years. But his space-story starts much earlier. When he was 5 years old he was dreaming on sending something to space… something like satellites. As every kid that time, he wanted to become an astronaut. Maciej has started his space career at the Warsaw University of Technology, when his dreams could be transferred into real project – and the best place for that was the Student Space Association. Maciej was involved in student space projects. But not only as an engineer, more often as a manager and system engineer. Furthermore, Maciej’s activity was much wider and covered areas such as PR and business development. Maciej enjoys cooperation with people from the space. Maciej is an alumni of the Space Studies Program at the International Space University and thus he became more geeky about space. He is a former project manager and mechanical engineer of the very first Polish satellite – the PW-Sat which was launched on-board the Vega maiden flight which took place on 13.02.2012 from the space port in French Guiana.
Arkadiusz Kłos
Graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He interested in electronics and mobile vehicles. Currently working at ABM Space as designer engineer where build mars rover.
Oleksii Sokolov
Specialist in quality management, project management, time management and project standards in space-types projects. From 2015 take part in ESA projects as project manager/assistant in ABM Space Education.PhD student, National Aerospace University named N.E. Zhukovsky “KHAI”, Economics and Management Faculty, specialty: project management, social informatics graduate, project management graduate.
Oleksii also interested in CAD modelling of mechanisms and 3D printing.
Sebastian Meszyński
CEO of ABM Space Education Sp. z o. o. / Nicolaus Copernicus University – engineer, technical physics graduate, PhD student (AI topic – multi agent systems in biological case), electronics and robotics specialist, coordinator of analog rover teams for University Rover Challenge, Utah and Dachstein 2012 (testing of Wisdom ground penetrating radar for Exomars onboard a dedicated mobile rover platform), Morocco 2013 Mars analog missions (testing rover’s remote control by satellite connection).