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ERC 2015 Competition Rules coming soon!

Dear Teams,

We gladly invite you to participate in the second edition of the prestigious mars rover competition – the European Rover Challenge 2015. We are currently working on the ERC 2015 Competition Rules – rules that we are creating on the basis of the experience gained from the first edition and the constructive comments received from ERC 2014 participants. But before we publish the new document, we would like to share with you the main guidelines and expected changes.

  1. The core of the Challenge remain four practical tasks:
  • Science Task – sample retrieval
  • Terrain Traversal Task – „blind” traversal
  • Maintenance Task – the reactor
  • Assistance Task – emergency repairs
  • the fifth, and also scored task will be Presentation Task
  1. We will introduce several changes to make rules more transparent and unambiguous,
    for example:
  • Safety first!:
    • emergency button on each robot will be required
  • Fair-play second:
    • restrictions on deadlines to treat everybody equal
    • restrictions on challenge schedule to eliminate mess
    • detailed guidelines for documentations and presentations
    • changes in scoring rules to eliminate possibilities to being “too smart” and make competition more challenging but possible to win for everyone
  • More detailed communication requirements e.g.:
    • definition of maximum signal strength and possible frequency ranges – to prevent signal interference etc.
    • monitoring of communication frequencies on our side
    • increased distance between team’s tents and arena of mars-yard to eliminate signal interferences
  • Tasks corrections and improvements
    • “blind” traversal navigation can be based on any GNSS signal and additional sensors can be used
    • presentation of hardware which will be manipulated by your rover
    • definition of correct fulfilment of tasks elements
    • changes in definition of accuracy ranges in navigation and other tasks to make it more available for different rovers
    • More point for hard elements and bonuses of the tasks
  • Challenges organization
    • at least two tasks will be performed simultaneously to increase dynamics of challenges

Complete ERC 2015 Competition Rules will be published in January 2015. Stay tuned.

You can find first ERC 2015 newsletter here: ERC2015_Newsletter_1

Best regards,

Joanna Przerywacz

European Rover Challenge 2015 Coordinator

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