Complimentary Software from MathWorks for all European Rover Challenge Competitors

MathWorks, the partner of ERC 2016, has prepared the special gift for all ERC competitors. There is the Complimentary Software to download from Mathworks’ website. Additionaly, Mathworks shares with ERC engeeners extra materials, ex. webinaries. We would like to encourage all ERC competitors to download the Software and to make...

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New formula of ERC

Dear Teams, Remember that registration for ERC 2016 is still in progress. This is the third edition, therefore, you know what you can expect on basis of substantive. But ERC is much more than just Mars rovers competition. This years changes are implemented on other areas than competition zone. The...

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European Rover Challenge 2015

About ERC 2016 Rules

Dear Teams,   As you probably realised, rules for ERC 2016 have been just released. Before you start analysing that document and raising questions – which I believe and hope you will have a lot – I would like to share with you our motivation and vision for this year...

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Total ERC 2015 score breakdown

If you are intrested how many points Teams actually received, please download this file: ERC2015 total score breakdown Each team could gain 763 points. Total score breakdown includes points awarded for rover’s design draft, promo video, technical specification, four terrain tasks and presentation of the project. Congratulations to the winners! See you...

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See the prizes prepared for the winners!

We know that international fame after winning European Rover Challenge is priceless, but…we also have some special awards 🙂 Few days ago you saw trophies and medals that are waiting for the winners, but thanks to our Partners – ASTOR, WObit, Intel and Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements...

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Special prices at Qubus Hotel during ERC2015

Dear Guests and Teams! Qubus Hotel prepared special rates for all visitors to the European Rover Challenge 2015. Single room – 42 euro Double room – 54 euro Prices include breakfast, Internet access and a fitness center as well as free parking. During reservation, please mention that the reservation is...

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ERC2015 shipping rover’s offer

Dear Teams, if you still haven’t organised the shipping of your rovers, we kindly encourage you to consider a possibility of cooperating with ExpoSped company – official forwarder for ERC 2015 competition. For more details please follow these links: shipping Information and shipping instructions ERC2015 Team

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