DPS Software

At the DPS Software stand you will be able to look at the process of three-dimensional design and 3D printing – from the idea to the finished object. Those interested will be able to try their own hand at designing a model that will later be printed.

Foundation Volunteer Development

There will be shown and discussed constructions built with Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 and EV3. Participants will be able to learn how the color sensors work, and where to apply ultrasonic sensors. There will also be presented a model of the Martian rover Curiosity made from Lego Technic a scale of 1: 4.

Astrokrak – Laboratory of Astronomical Telescopes

Observation prominences (explosions on the Sun) and the fields of solar torches visible on the solar disk using a solar telescope Coronado 60 mm – under a clear sky.

Unibot – University Scientific Society – Wszechnica Silesia University of Silesia in Katowice

Participants will program simple robots to achieve success in space missions. Before joining the activity test the basic parameters, we used psychophysical future students astronautics.

HanBright – Academy Duckie Deck

Creative workshops for children aged 4-12 years. Among the attractions: robots, programming, experimentation and mobile games, mazes Sphero, electrical construction littleBits, virtual machine Goldberg, music table, or 3D rollercoaster.

Scientific Circle EUROAVIA Rzeszow

Static display model aircraft SAE Aero Design 2016 drone on competition IMAV China 2016. For those interested in the ability to control the aircraft control surfaces (ailerons, rudders), together with a description of the design and control of the aircraft and the explanation of the basics of aerodynamics. Description create algorithms to control the autonomous drone. You will be able to try their hand at flight simulator, along with the basic explanation of the principles of airplane flight.

Association for the Dissemination of Knowledge “ExploRes”

Exhibition and demonstrations of an integrated area “zone of the planet Earth,” an indexing our planet as a place of life and the development of an intelligent civilization. Demonstrations will focus on three areas: Life on Earth (biology, nature, environment, natural processes in nature), Man (anatomy, physiology, senses, intelligence) and Civilization Earth (artifacts and achievements – technology, culture).

ABM Space

ABM Space will present Remy – Remote Mars Yard, educational project implemented jointly with the Office of Education ESA – ESERO, Copernicus Science Centre and Foundation Akademeia. In this project, a group of students perform scenario Martian mission signing up for their city through the Internet to the robot mounted on a mock Mars headquarters ABM Space. Shown is an example of the mission over the Internet. Soon the project will be open for individual users.

Urania – Progress of Astronomy

Journalism workshop for describing the mysteries of the cosmos will lead editors of the portal “Urania – Progress of Astronomy”. Will be available gadgets magazine and website and the latest issue of “Urania” with a special article on the subject of the ERC in 2016. On the other hand, after the dissolution of the cosmic crossword you will take part in the draw and win an annual subscription to the magazine.

Polish Astronomical Society

Projection scientific episodes “Astronarium” about Polish space industry and Polish aerospace satellites and a meeting with one of the creators of the program.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Projection film showing how and why Europe has decided to reach for the stars and built a giant observatories on the other side of the globe – for the attacks, the driest desert in the world. The story of the history and the latest findings of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). In addition “Astronarium”, an episode showing the ESO from the Polish perspective.

Mission to Mars 2049

“Mission to Mars 2049” is a strategic board game where your task is to earn the resources to fulfill the mission and build their own colony on Mars, that was the first to reach the North Pole.

Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers Branch in Krosno them. John Winiarski

The program is scheduled to show the sky through a telescope with solar filter, the construction of sundials and a demonstration model of a comet with dry ice. Discussed and presented are also different types of drives, for example water.

Space Garden

The company Space Garden will present base M.A.R.S. It is the first European space test base. At the booth you will see a model of the object, a computer screen – his pictures and visuals. Will also be presented technologies and solutions developed under a base M.A.R.S.

Circle at the School of Robotics them. prof. Francis Leja in Grodzisk Upper

Demonstration of autonomous robots taking part in the world final in St. Botball Augustine in the US, performing tasks tournament.

Polish Rocket Society

The participants will build model rockets designed to take off from the school playground, designed for people starting out in modeling space. They will be discussed security issues, materials and technology. In addition, we ask ourselves “difficult” questions based on trivia on orbit. To watch will be large rocket amateur and will discuss the development path that PTR has developed over the years from small rockets recreational and tournament after large scientific instruments that may be conducting research in the atmosphere. The exhibition will also see the on-board equipment, parachutes or electronics.

Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory Nicolaus Copernicus in Grudziadz

You will see 2 episodes of popular science “Observatory”, filmed during a trip to Indonesia in astronomy belt a total solar eclipse, which took place on 9 March 2016. The screening will be accompanied by a lecture by one of the creators of the program.

The project

As part of the show through the website you will be able to control the objects of light, sound and other placed on the stand.

Foundation for the Development of Internet Industry “Netcamp”, project “DIGITAL Inventors”

The event will show a model of the Martian computer-controlled city. Within a 45-minute workshops, participants will build the city according to his own plan and program the device it controls.


Will be presented examples of works based on technology Husarion. Will be above-ground structures, eg. Self-balancing robot for telepresence, Maaya – personal robot for telepresence, etc. robotic manipulator. Viewers will be able to control the robot through the Internet and talk about them.

Polish Innovative Medical Cluster PIKMED

There will be presented modern diagnostic technologies and solutions for the medical sector, young doctors and medical students.

AGH Space Systems

The participants will have the opportunity to see and discuss current technological solutions used by AGH Space Systems and look at the current activity. Demonstrations are also planned with a hybrid engine, a prototype rover Mars, planetary probes CanSat and engine components for liquid fuel rocket.


During demonstrations Mathworks will be able to hold a conversation with an application engineer, who will explain the methods used programming MATLAB and Simulink to design m. In. Mars rovers.

Kielce Technology Park Start Platform Technopark Business Hub

Technopark Business Hub is a platform that aims to unpaid help young people to create the best possible conditions to transform their ideas in a company startup type. Animator Platform is the Kielce Technology Park, a place geared to innovation, open to cooperation with entrepreneurs. The partners are the Regional Development Agency S.A. Center – Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” Technology Incubator Sp. o.o. in Stalowa Wola and Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship.

Student Scientific Circle Robotics Scanner

Slideshow mobile robots: Quadron – autonomous quad Bioloid – Robot humanoid and four-legged robot, examples of robots participating in the competition Sumo Challenge, examples of flying robots. Additionally provided is a contest in which prizes will be gadgets Raptors team, participating in the ERC.

Foundation for the Support of Education at the Association of Aviation Valley

It will be presented a wide range of mobile robots, m. In. work type line follower robots controlled wirelessly, autonomous robots. Those interested will learn the process of creating elements in the 3D printing technology. The planned project is a demonstration and simulation of robotic industry.

“Zortrax STORE”

There will be a presentation of capabilities, applications and use 3D printers. Shows 3D printing, the process of preparing for it, along with a discussion.

Planetary Geology Laboratory, Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The position will be presented with information about celestial bodies close to Earth. Scheduled shows are “Phases of the Moon” – presentation coupled with short workshops and “maps of Mars” – the position will be exposed beomorficzne maps of Mars from the region of Valles Marineris. The position will be able to take a picture infrared camera.

Space Garden – a one-day symposium “Astronaut preparation for long-duration space flight”

Symposium with the participation of analog astronauts on the development of simulation planetary missions. Six astronauts will present the results of the first Polish mission test and answer questions from the audience. Mission Control team will share insights on the importance of simulation planetary missions, and also will be presented atlas of meteorites made by astronauts during the mission.