European Rover Challenge is Europe’s largest space and robotic event directed towards the representatives of science and business, new-tech sector and the general public.

European Rover Challenge 2015
It is made up of two basic elements. Firstly, it is the prestigious since the beginning in 2014 competition of Martian robots, where young engineers from around the world compete in tasks analogous to those performed by the actual rovers on Mars. Secondly, for ERC visitors a great attraction provides an area of Science and Technology Shows –presentations prepared by dozens of exhibitors, representing both research institutions as well as companies and NGOs.

This year’s ERC program focuses even more on spreading knowledge of the aerospace industry. In parallel to the robots’ competition, there will be held a European Robotics Congressregarding strategies of Polish space sector and robotics. It will consist of panel presentations, discussions and networking as well as mentoring workshops – meetings dedicated to the ERC teams and entrepreneurs in the field of commercialization of innovative projects.

ERC since the very beginning attracts enthusiasts who want to learn about the Universe, and here they really have a chance to deepen their knowledge in this field. Amateurs get here a unique chance to broaden their horizons and get hands-on experience on space technology by observing the struggle of robots on a specially prepared stage imitating the conditions of Mars, as well asby visiting the stands of exhibitors, who are always eager to share their knowledge and ideas. Also, members of theteams – young engineers from around the world, who each year carefully prepare to the challenge by constructing professional robots,contagiously evoke passion and enthusiasm in everyone around. They give the youngest as well as those a bit older, example of the fact that thanks to the involvement and participation in this competition, one may actuallycontribute to the space sector already  here on Earth!

European Rover Challenge, just like the American equivalent of the competition – the University Rover Challenge, are part of the Rover Challenge Series – league of the most prestigious robotic competitionsin the world. Here is your chance to witness as teams compete in the battle for the prize of the ERC and the Cup of the best team of constructors’ in the world!