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About ERC 2016 Rules

Dear Teams,


As you probably realised, rules for ERC 2016 have been just released. Before you start analysing that document and raising questions – which I believe and hope you will have a lot – I would like to share with you our motivation and vision for this year edition.

In this year we would like to allow and convince you to master ambitious elements that we started introducing in previous years. We want to reward you for simple, robust mechanisms that will be powered by smart software solutions.

This year we also started introducing more organized approach for documentation of your projects. We are trying to work out simplified way to show you how projects are documented in space industry. We would like to share with you our best experience and knowledge you probably do not have opportunity to gain during studies.

We are going to develop concise formula for this Challenge that meets needs of future exploration projects. You can already observe it in current and planned projects of any space agency and private sector space industry. But ERC is not only for “Rocket Science” people, we would like to promote any ambitious and innovative engineers who are the base of future humanity development. To achieve that, we need to provide you with access to Challenge and keep it still challenging even for experienced teams. The Challenge tasks must be feasible for all of you but the level should be high enough to help you create innovative ideas. In this process we cannot forget to keep balance, so we need you to help us with that.

This year we would like to start the process of creating a community around this event that is why we ask for your cooperation and commitment. We want to share with you our ideas – worked out with the industry – and hear yours. We hope to create place where we will be able to meet each other, discuss different (also technical) problems, inspire and help new teams to enter Challenge. This way we will be able to score quality of your solutions rather than your Challenge experience. All this effort will allow us to create next editions of great Challenge that will give you a lot of fun and satisfaction as well as allow you to bring new solutions to industry.

As you can see, in ERC 2016 rules several elements have not been closed yet and we want to use registration and preliminary design phase periods to adjust them, as a start of aforementioned process. Most of the changes introduced in this year are due to moving the event to indoor environment. This was decided to allow you to design rovers that do not need to face Polish autumn’s weather conditions and to assure that whole event will be organised in predictable way.

No matter what is your motivation to take part in this Challenge, we hope we convinced you to take part in and be active creating this community. Stay tuned with Challenge website news for details how to join in.


 With kind regards,

    Piotr Weclewski                                          Lukasz Wilczynski
President of the ERC Jury                             ERC Director



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