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European Rover Challenge is one of the biggest international space and robotics event in the world. ERC gathers not only specialists in planetary robotics and Mars rovers designers but also representatives of science and business, the new-tech sector and the general public interested in the development of science and new technologies.

Education, business and innovations

The main part of ERC is an international robotics competition in which rovers constructing teams compete in the tasks analogous to those performed by rovers on the surface of Mars and the Moon. The competition has been enjoying a very high prestige since its first edition in 2014.

Starting with the fourth edition a new competition formula, ERC PRO, has been introduced. It is addressed to professional teams involved in robotics and more advanced space technologies. This reinforces the role of ERC as a platform to present and evaluate potential technical solutions in the tasks inspired by plans and scenarios of developing NASA and ESA robotics missions.

The project aims at stimulating and supporting a new generation of engineers. ERC gives the possibility to verify the yearly progress of constructors for whom participation in the competition is one of the tools to develop their careers, competencies and skills as well as to achieve a future success in the space sector.

The result of actions taken within ERC is also stimulating innovations in research and business projects as well as popularising the general knowledge and latest technological achievements with a view to future space explorations.

Special guests during the previous additions included Doctor Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17 Mission) – the last man who walked on the Moon, Doctor Robert Zubrin – founder and president of the Mars Society, and Doctor Gianfranco Visentin – Head of the Automation and Robotics Group at the European Space Agency.

ERC is a project addressed to the general public

As in previous editions, a special Show Zone with several dozens of exhibitors representing both research institutions as well as companies and NGOs will also be organised during ERC 2018.

ERC attracts people passionate about science and innovations giving them an opportunity to widen their knowledge. By visiting exhibitors’ stands they have a chance to participate in numerous shows as well as to see space technologies up close or even touch them. They can also broaden their horizons by watching robots struggling on a special  track imitating Martian conditions. Team members from all over the world who construct professional robots infect the audience with their passion and enthusiasm. They set an example and prove that by being committed and taking part in the competition one can become a part of the space sector.


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Co-financed under the ‘Social responsibility of science’ program from the funds of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.