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Piotr Weclewski

Head of Jury Board. Space robotics engineer-researcher. Design and coordination of ERC rules.

Professional R&D Engineer at AIRBUS with several years of experience in academy and industry, working on many topics involving rovers navigation, simulation and control. Mainly interested in emerging technologies and robotics for space exploration and utilisation. Lifelong learner, mentor driven by passion, always open to share knowledge, discuss and cooperate towards ambitious goals. Believing in ERC as an excellent opportunity to connect creativity and passion with experience and expertise to advance field of space exploration and utilisation towards sustainable bright future.

Robert Lubański

Main Judge of manipulation tasks. Engineer-educator. Challenges infrastructure designer and maker.

Graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Since 2007 he has been working for Mars Society Poland. Participant of the program of organizing trips and supporting student teams taking part in the University Rover Challenge. Coordinator of the project to popularizing the idea of building Martian rovers at Polish technical universities. From the very beginning he was involved in the organization of the European Rover Challenge competition in Poland. He is responsible, among others, for the preparation, conduct and judging of one of the field competitions. Co-author of a report on the potential and opportunities for development of the space and robotics industry in Poland, prepared for the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). Since December 2016, President of Mars Society Poland.






Piotr Weclewski Airbus Space Robotics engineering
Robert Lubanski Mars Society Polska Engineer – educator
Grzegorz Gajoch Freelancer Embedded systems, RF systems
Wojciech Glazewski Mars Society Polska Mechanical design, robotics systems, URC competitions
Jędrzej Gorski Polish Space Agency Space Systems Engineering, Analog missions
Kamil Grassmann SENER Space projects management, Space mechanics design
Tadeusz Kocman Syderal / PSPA Space electronics, space business development
Tomasz Kucinski Astronika Space mechanical and systems
Krystyna Macioszek GMV Space On-Board Software
Robert Marc Airbus Planetary rovers, simulaitons and modelling
Maciej Slek Freelancer Software/gameplay development, Martian rover simulators
Marcin Wygachiewicz SENER / PSPA Space mechanics, project management
Mateusz Zapart Freelancer Embedded systems, RF systems
Krzysztof Walas Freelancer Robotics and intelligent systems
Dominik Maciag Freelancer Areospace and space engineering
Grzegorz Ambroszkiewicz PIAP Space Space systems and robotics
Maciej Kalarus Freelancer Planetary Geodesy and Cartography


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