Next Generation: Rover – read a free E-book!

One of the promotional campaigns accompanying the fifth edition of ERC was the Next Generation: Rover competition conducted on Facebook by the organizers of the European Rover Challenge in cooperation with space and science influencers, particularly: Karol Wójcicki, PhD Tomasz Rożek and Piotr ‘Kosa’ Kosek from Astrofaza channel. Their Facebook followers were asked to come up with an idea for a future application of the next generation of rovers in one of three places: Earth, Mars or the Moon. Today we invite You to read a free e-book which was created with the use of the winning comments.

What did the Next Generation: Rover campaign include?

  1. Production of an ERC promotional spot that shows the next generation of Martian robots as astronaut’s companions.
  2. Cooperation with the authors of the most popular space and science channels in Poland: Tomasz Rożek PhD from I like it, Piotr Kosek from Astrofaza and Karol Wójcicki from With head in the stars. On their Facebook fanpages, and on the official Facebook profile of ERC, the post with the contest question was published. Winning comments, selected by the authors of each channel, are cited in this e-book.
  3. Series of short interviews with special guests of the ERC 2019 who were asked, among others, the same question that the contestants struggled with.
  4. Editorial of the above report, comparing ERC 2019 special guests and Facebook contestants suggestions on using Martian rovers in the future.


Below you can read a free e-book Next Generation: Rover which we have created together with experts working in the space sector and members of the Facebook community.


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